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With more than 18 years of market, ABC DataSaúde is a fundamental link in the treatment of chronic and high complexity pathologies that require continuous use of medicines. Offering a service of pharmaceutical assistance, ABC DataSaúde aims at the best quality of life for its clients, guaranteeing them success in the treatment.

For the treatment to be really effective, it is not enough just to trust the prescribed medication, it is necessary to have security about the conditions of storage, storage and transport. With the aim of providing services with the highest quality excellence, ABC DataSaúde fulfills the mission of being a fundamental piece in the treatment of patients. ABC DataSaúde has different facilities, it prizes the medical prescription, it offers an individualized service and it obeys carefully to all the technical requirements. ABC DataSaúde offers delivery service with scheduled delivery throughout Brazil, seeking to offer service with agility, safety and comfort.


Assistance pharmaceutical for
chronic patients

Pharmaceutical assistance, if properly implemented, exercises a paramount position in the economy generated in health spending. It is important to delineate full pharmaceutical care as it promotes health; prevents disease, thereby reducing significant expenditures on population health, especially when promoting the correct use of medicines by passing on toxicological information from pharmacology and therapy. All pharmaceutical services should be planned with a view to maximizing the resources available from pharmaceutical assistance policies and planning actions to lower costs with medicines, hospitalizations and medical-hospital supplies. The proposal of ABC DataSaúde is directly inserted in the management of pharmaceutical assistance, providing a greater diversity of medicines for the population, which can reduce the direct costs, facilitating the patient access to treatment and thus reducing hospitalization costs, which are often unnecessary.

Scheduled Drug Delivery

Management of the scheduled delivery of medicines, at a national level, is for all users with chronic conditions and also includes exceptional and costly drugs.

Sheet discount and

We make it easy for users to purchase medicines according to the rules established by the companies. The benefit is granted free of any disbursement at the time of purchase. The amounts are deducted from payroll within the period stipulated by the customer. With regard to co-sponsorship, the services consist of the administration of the benefit with the percentage of subsidy paid by the company to the workers, in relation to the purchases of drugs prescribed in prescriptions.

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